Dakoda is a playable character in Fire Emblem: World at War. He follows the series' iconic Cain and Abel archetype, as he is the game's red Cavalier. Dakoda is Cameron's best friend, and is very outgoing and self-centered, as he tends to be quite the braggart, as seen in his supports with Paprika. However, he has a warm heart for his companions.

His birthday is July 19th.

In-Game Edit

Unit Data Edit

Of the game's two cavaliers, Dakoda ends up normally being the tankier of the two, as he frequently levels and grows in Defense and HP. His Speed is somewhat decent, so speedy enemies like Myrmidons or Pegasus Knights might occasionally double him. He also has a decent growth in Skill, so some of his hits might not always land. In the end, he makes for a good front-line unit.

Dakoda joins in the Prologue level at level 1 like the other units in that chapter, so you'll have the entire game to level him up as you please. He starts with both an Iron Lance and an Iron Sword, however, he tends to rank higher in Swords more than Lances, so he is ideal for facing the tough axe users in the beginning.

Dakoda has the Fire affinity, meaning that whoever he supports will have an increase in Strength, so it's a good idea to support him with any heavy-hitters or units that don't hit hard. If he marries anyone, then the child unit will have an increase in Strength and Defense.

Supports Edit

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Endings Edit

  • Dakoda, Crimson Cavalier

Dakoda continued to fight in the war. He was eventually promoted to one of the Cavalier Generals alongside his friend Cameron. Nonetheless, he still had his extremely outgoing personality, which was loved by all.

Etymology Edit

Dakoda is derived from Dakota, a common English name meaning "allies" and "friends." This is the name of a Native American people of the northern Mississippi valley.

Trivia Edit

  • In the planning phase for World at War, Dakoda was originally going to be named Reuben.

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Dakoda palette

Dakoda's palletes as a Cavalier, Paladin, and Great Knight.

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