Cameron is a playable character in Fire Emblem: World at War. He follows the series' iconic Cain and Abel archetype, as he is the game's green Cavalier. Cameron is Dakoda's best friend, as Cameron is very calm and quiet. He is incredibly friendly to his comrades, but nonetheless loyal to his kingdom and ruthless to his enemies.

His birthday is March 5th.

In-Game Edit

Unit Data Edit

Of the game's two Cavaliers, Cameron tends to be more speedy than Dakoda, but doesn't hit quite as hard as he does. Cameron also has less Defense as his counterpart. However, Cameron doubles a lot of enemies with his nice Speed growth, and his Strength growth of 60% makes up for his low Strength base.

Cameron joins in the Prologue, and like the other units that join there, he has the entire game to be trained up and put to good use. His starting inventory consists of an Iron Lance and an Iron Sword, however, he has slightly higher weapon rank in Lances, so he will tend to level up in those more.

Cameron's affinity is the Wind affinity. With this affinity, the allies he supports with will gain all offensive boosts except for Defense and Evasion. As a result, it's best if the person he supports with is an aggresive character, or a speedy character. If he marries someone, the child will have increased Speed and Luck.

Supports Edit

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  • Dakoda
  • Christopher
  • Emeliah
  • Sharon
  • Trinity

Endings Edit

  • Cameron, Knight of Green

After the war ended, Cameron was promoted to Cavalier General alongside his best friend Dakoda. The two remained lifelong friends, and scholars note that the two were unstoppable on the battlefield.

Etymology Edit

Cameron is a Scottish surname that, oddly, means "crooked nose."

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Cameron palette

Cameron's palletes as a Cavalier, Paladin, and Great Knight,

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