Andrew is a playable character in Fire Emblem: World at War. He is a rookie archer who is known for his great optimism in battle. However, this sometimes causes him and occasionally others to mess up in battle. He joins alongside Dylan and his men in Chapter 5 in an attack to seize Jirard.

His birthday is September 25th.

In-Game Edit

Unit Data Edit

As a unit, Andrew starts fairly weak, but he can be an amazing unit if given the time to train. He starts at level 1, meaning it's best to soften down enemies and then give Andrew finishing blows. As he grows, he tends to grow in Strength and Speed, meaning he can turn into a Sniper or a Ranger that doubles frequently and deals a lot of damage.

Andrew joins fairly weak, being level 5 and starting with poor bases. However, if trained properly, Andrew can be a fast and heavy hitting Sniper or Ranger. It's best to soften enemies and give Andrew the finishing blow in order to level him up. He starts with a Short Bow, so he might occasionally deal critical hits on the enemy if lucky enough.

A thing to note about Andrew, however, is his terrible Resistance growth. As he grows, Mages seem to deal a lot of damage on him. It's best to deal with physical units when training Andrew, and leaving enemy mages to units who can tank against magic well, such as Boris or Bering.

Andrew also has the Anima affinity, meaning whoever he supports with gains an Attack and Defense increase, as

well as an Evasion increase. Andrew is good if supported with slow and tanky units or any units that end up being slow in Speed.

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Endings Edit

  • Andrew, Noble Archer

After the great war, Andrew started a life of his own. He was still a great noble in Vagmire's army, and records showed him helping new recruits to become the next great soldiers.

Etymology Edit

Andrew is the English form of the Greek name Ανδρεας (Andreas), which was derived from ανδρειος (andreios), meaning "manly" and "masculine."

Gallery Edit

Andrew palette

Andrew's palettes as an Archer, Sniper, and Ranger.


Andrew's sprite in the Warrior Database.

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