Alpherre is a playable character in Fire Emblem: World at War. Alpherre is a rookie dark magician in Vagmire. She appears alongside Undrake and Paprika in Chapter 12 in an attempt to help Christopher and his army escape the Macormian prison. She is shy, but very caring. She also has a knack for inventing technology.

Her birthday is October 13th. If she achieves an A support with one of her marriage candidates, she will have a son named Rheneas.

In-Game Edit

Unit Data Edit

Alpherre follows the series' Est archetype, as she is a character who joins late to mid-game with terrible bases, but if proper training is put into her, she will eventually become potentially an extremely good unit thanks to her growths.

Alpherre joins as a level 5 Shaman in Chapter 12 alongside Undrake and Paprika. She starts with low bases for a unit, but, being an Est, she makes up for it with extremely wonderful growths. It's best to make her attack slow units, such as Knights, as she has low starting Speed and her Flux tome slows her down.

Alpherre joins Christopher's group with the Darkness affinity. This affinity gives her supported allies a Hit, Critical, and Evasion bonus. The best unit to pair her up with in this case is Undrake, as he is very powerful and lands critical hits a lot thanks to his Killer Lance and high Skill.

Supports Edit

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Endings Edit

  • Alpherre, Curious Mage

Alpherre continued her studies after the war. She continued to make gadgets and tech for the kingdom, and she would be recognized for this and go down in history as one of the continent's smartest inventors.

Etymology Edit

Alpherre is derived from Alphys, the character from the indie game Undertale, in which she is the basis of.

Trivia Edit

  • Alpherre, along with Sandra, Paprika, and Undrake, all share their character bases with Undertale characters, this being because the game's creator has a soft spot for the game. Alpherre is based off of the character Alphys.
  • Despite being female, Alpherre's Summoner palette uses the male Summoner sprite. This is because there is no data for a female Summoner sprite in the game's data.

Gallery Edit

Alpherre palette

Alpherre's palettes as a Shaman, Druid, and Summoner.

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